About Stockpools


Public Companies

We work with public companies to increase exposure. The result is a highly engaged, sector specific, targeted investor user base creating awareness and shareholders for our clients.

We cover companies operating in a variety of sectors such as mining, cannabis, blockchain, and technology - just to name a few. Stockpools content reaches thousands of investors and business people every year through our website, social media, and email.

Sponsoring one of Stockpools marketing campaigns is an effective way for companies to reach a wide audience of investors, business professionals, and market-watchers by creating unique content that people find engaging, informative, and fun.

Our marketing campaigns are based on contests that educate users through competition pertaining to a specific sector, business model, or trend. Our clients benefit through brand exposure and associating with original, compelling content that is relevant to their industry and to their audience.

Stockpools’ works closely with our clients to remain responsive to their needs and the ever shifting environment of the stock market, aiming to release content to highlight and maximize company growth.

To request a package with pricing, please email sales@stockpools.com.

Media Partners

Alongside industry indexes that include the Nasdaq Composite 100, TSX Composite, TSX Venture 50 and more, we have developed our own Stockpools Indexes. Ranging from Cannabis, Technology, Mining, Blockchain, Renewable Energy and Energy, sponsoring an index gives you the opportunity to be at the forefront of our website and in front of our qualified active user-base.

Have clients in the public markets? We can work together to include them in the index, creating exposure for your clients and your platform.

Please contact us for more information on how we can partner together at sales@stockpools.com.