Blog - August 2019 Update

August 2019 Update

Aug 8, 2019

As a way of keeping our users up to date, we’re going to tell you what will be live on the site throughout August. We’ve got features lined up right through to October.


Currently, there are too many classifications for trophies, and how they are awarded have become too complicated. Set up in 2014 as part of a community site, the existing system will be merged with our new system.

Users will be awarded one of four trophies: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. For more information on the new trophy system, read this post.


We are aware that points have not been accumulating on the site. Fear not, both retroactive points accumulated since the redesign and previous points will be calculated over.

We’ve designed the points scoring that allows for extra incentives on top, and keeps with the strategy of the game moving forward.

If you place between 1-100 in any pool, you’re guaranteed points. For more information on the new points system, read this post.

Daily Bonuses

Each time you log into Stockpools, you will be assigned a login bonus. Come back each day to attain more points, it’s that simple!

Your Dashboard

The dashboard was set up so we can start to create a more personal experience where you can keep track of how you’re performing. We’re pleased to freshen this up for you, so you can see a general overview of how you’re performing. We have big plans for the dashboard over the coming year, and we will reveal more details about this in later updates.

Picker Flow

When we launched the redesign, we moved a few things around. Upon review, we have removed a “click” so one button can take you straight to the game. View Picks, Companies and Standings without having to leave the picker.

When will these changes be in effect?

The trophy and point changes will be live to all later today along with the daily login bonuses! The dashboard changes will be going live over the next few days so you may notice changes over these days. The picker flow will be available to all later this month!

These are just some of the upcoming changes we have in store. The site is constantly evolving and we're excited to show you more new features coming in the near future.

If you have any ideas for features, please do send them our way.

Michael Levett