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Mid-Week Stockbits

Jul 10, 2019

Netflix (NFLX) loses two popular TV series

Warner Media Corp (T) and HBO announced a new streaming service called "HBO Max" launching in 2020. With it, HBO is taking the popular TV series 'Friends' away from Netflix. 

Netflix loses another beloved TV series, as the 'The Office' moves to NBCUniversal's upcoming streaming service in 2021. These losses are big blows as these are two of the top streamed shows on Netflix. 

Nike (NKE) Capitalizes on USA Women's World Cup Victory

Despite Adidas being the official sponsor of the World Cup, Nike sponsors 14 of the 24 World cup teams, one of those teams being the World Cup Champion USA. Nike capitalized on the US victory by offering women's national jerseys in men's sizes for the first time. With this, Nike saw jersey sales nearly double, while a special edition jersey further boosted these sales. Nike seems to be going all in on marketing women's athletics and consumers are responding favourably. 

Nintendo (NTDOY) takes the "switch" out of the Nintendo Switch

Earlier today Nintendo announced the Nintendo Switch Lite. The new console comes as a stripped down version of the original, intended solely for portable handheld play. Boasting better battery life, a smaller and lighter design which is easier on the wallet, the Switch Lite sets itself up as a nice entry-level device. Scheduled to release in September, you can bet that the new Switch Lite will be a top selling present over the holidays.