Blog - Points Update

Points Update

Aug 8, 2019

As many of you may have noticed, after the redesign your points disappeared. Don’t worry, we have been keeping track of everything since the redesign and all your points will be awarded in our new point system. The new point system will breathe new life into the site and provide users with a new way to not only earn points, but also interact and customize your site experience.

How will I earn points?

You will earn points in many ways. The main way to earn points is by participating in and placing well in pools. Additionally, we will also be implementing a daily login bonus which will reward points for each consecutive day logged in. These are the two primary ways to accumulate points, with additional ways to come in the future.

Point Values:

Participating in pools (this is awarded to any user who submits picks and places anywhere in the final standings of a pool) - 50 points

Pools with LESS than 100 people:

1st: 750 points

2nd: 500 points

3rd: 250 points

4-10th: 100 points

Pools with MORE than 100 people:

1st: 1000 points

2nd: 750 points

3rd: 500 points

4-10th: 250 points

Daily Login:

Day 1: 25 points

Day 2: 50 points

Day 3: 75 points

Day 4: 100 points

Day 5: 125 points

Day 6: 150 points

Day 7+: 200 points

  • Keep in mind that points do not reset unless you miss a day. If you come back on a consecutive 8th, 9th, 10th etc. day you will be rewarded 200 points continually.

What are the points for?

We have some exciting features in the pipeline that will link directly to user points. But we’re not quite ready to share just yet so the best course of action is to start accumulating points and keep your eyes peeled for our next update!