Blog - Siyata Mobile Launches In-Vehicle Communication Device with AT&T and FirstNet

Siyata Mobile Launches In-Vehicle Communication Device with AT&T and FirstNet

Jun 7, 2019

Siyata Mobile (TSX-V: SIM | OTCQX:SYATF) recently announced its pioneering in-vehicle PoC communication device will launch in the United States with Cellular Carrier AT&T and FirstNet. 

The company’s flagship Uniden® UV350 is the first and only 4G/LTE device in the world designed specifically for First Responder and commercial fleet vehicles.  

Striking a deal with AT&T marks another significant milestone for the 2018 venture top 50 company and presents the company with the opportunity to break into an a very large untapped market.     

What is the Uniden® UV350?


The Uniden® UV350 is an in-vehicle smartphone that enables drivers to communicate hands free across multiple devices on 4G/LTE networks. It’s the first smartphone of its kind.

Designed specifically for first responders and commercial drivers, the all-in-one smartphone heralds a brand-new category of cellular device to be supported by a nationwide network.

Capable of delivering crystal clear quality, the Uniden® UV350 boasts carrier grade PTT, voice, text, video, data applications, fleet management, dash cam and GPS navigation system. 

The device is FirstNet ReadyTM and allows first responder drivers to keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road whilst driving at emergency speeds.    

Investment Opportunities  

According to the United States Department of Transportation, there are over 14.2 million First Responder and commercial fleet vehicles in the US.  

Given Siyata is the first and only company to offer a dedicated in-vehicle cellular solution for drivers in this category, there is huge potential to dominate an unrivalled market. 

Commercial vehicles are notoriously cluttered with an inefficient communications system. Drivers require several devices including GPS navigation, two-way radio and smartphone.

The Uniden® UV350 brings all the essentials and more into one hands-free device and effectively declutters cabins whilst critically providing crystal clear communication across a nationwide 4G/LTE network.  

This much-needed technology is designed to improve the efficiency of emergency response teams and enable commercial companies to improve communication, management and tracking of their fleet.  

Why Invest With Siyata?

Siyata is a pioneer in communications technology and has been a leader globally with in vehicle devices and is first-to-market with a 4G mobile communications hardware. Established in 2012, the company has amassed a total of over $66.4 million in sales before launching in the US, the largest commercial and first responder market. 

The US launch of the Uniden® UV350 offers a multi-billion-dollar opportunity. According to Paradigm analysts, the company has forecast sales revenue to triple in 2019 and 2020 - targeting a C$54m windfall.  

Siyata looks to be in the position of the right place at the right time as AT&T rolls out the FirstNet Network across the United States.