Blog - Trophy Update

Trophy Update

Aug 8, 2019

Stockpools has always aimed to provide a fun and engaging way for users to learn and play the stock market. Part of this is the reinforcement a user gets when they win a contest. Having something to strive towards as an incentive plays a significant role in how our users engage with the platform. Trophies have always played a strong role in the reinforcement loop. However, they have been complicated and difficult to understand. With this update, we are changing the way trophies work in an attempt to simplify and streamline the system.

What are they? 

There are now four types of trophies (ranked from highest - lowest):

Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze.

How will they be awarded? 

For pools with UNDER 100 players:

1st: Gold

2nd: Silver

3rd: Bronze

For pools OVER 100 players:

1st: Platinum

2nd: Gold

3rd: Silver

4-10th: Bronze

What happens to my old trophies?  

Your old trophies will be merged into the above trophy categories. Everything you earned in the past will be credited appropriately.

Where do I see my trophies?  

Trophies will be displayed in your trophy case on your dashboard and profile page. Other users will be able to see your trophies by going to your profile page.

What can I do with my trophies? 

Trophies are a way to show off your accomplishments on the website and serve as a form of bragging rights. Like trophies in real life, your trophies are to be earned and displayed.

What are we going to do with the trophies? 

We’ve had several users reach out as part of our survey that was undertaken last month. One of the main points raised was seeing our community and keeping track of other users. We plan to launch a full leaderboard of trophies, so you can see all-time, monthly and weekly winners.

These changes lay the foundation of our trophy system. Soon we will be launching a full site leaderboard where your trophies will contribute to your global ranking. You will be able to see how you stack up to the competition while showing your hard-earned trophies for everyone to see. For now, we are focused on the trophies and monitoring to make sure everything transitions nicely into the new system. Check back soon for more updates on leaderboards!

We hope you enjoy the new trophy system and we look forward to hearing your feedback!