Venzee Appoints New CTO to Support the Technology's Strategic Growth Initiatives

Venzee Appoints New CTO to Support the Technology's Strategic Growth Initiatives


VANCOUVER, March 13, 2019 - Venzee Technologies Inc. (TSX-V:VENZ), an advanced platform for the automated distribution of omnichannel product information in use by global manufacturers and content management system (CMS) providers, announced today the appointment of Markus Westerholz as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective immediately. Westerholz reports directly to President and CEO Peter MacKay and joins Venzee’s executive team. Westerholz is responsible for evolving Venzee’s technology strategy and driving product innovation.

Westerholz is being promoted from his past roles as VP of Technology and Lead Architect at Venzee. His extensive experience in the architecture of large systems for high scalability supports Venzee’s growth initiatives and affirms that he is well-suited for the CTO role.

“Markus has proven to be a great technological visionary that can tie his vision to an actionable strategy. His deep technical experience has permeated the company in the time he has been with Venzee,” Peter MacKay states.

Venzee commits to continued implementation of advanced technologies in the near- and long-term to ensure its sustained growth and success in the market. Venzee has recognized the market’s increasing need for agility in content distribution and, responding to that need, continues to improve Venzee’s processes, software, and platform.

Venzee has implemented a serverless architecture, which utilizes the latest technological advances in cloud computing. The serverless architecture has increased the scalability of the Venzee platform and increased speed in processes such as content distribution to retail channels, making the delivery of content to retailers more efficient for Venzee’s clients while future proofing its technology.

With access to more than 100,000 brands and manufacturers our CMS partners, Venzee is strongly positioned to deliver the most advanced content delivery system in the market.

Venzee’s architecture is now fully microservice based, so application components can be deployed, tweaked, and redeployed independently without compromising the application’s integrity. As a result, Venzee can deploy improvements to the platform faster and focus on optimizing internal and external processes, including the optimization of messaging feeds to partners and clients that provide live updates on product information and status, a key capability and market differentiator the platform.

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